About Alice Cekleov

I’m Alice and I began a jewelry business to combine two loves of mine: gems and design. The love of gems stems, in part, from the fact that I am Brazilian and Brazil produces over a hundred types of gemstones. I grew up fascinated by the sheer beauty of these gems. Today their beauty still entrances me, but I am equally interested in their energetic properties and the poetic quality of minerals that took millennia to form into gems, and stand as one of nature’s most exquisite wonders.


Design is a particular lens through which to look at the world and create, melding aesthetic and functionality. I studied design in Paris, France and have worked as a designer and fine artist for over twenty years. After Paris I moved to California where I’ve resided for over twenty years. Love Rocks Bijoux is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California. In a world that is moving increasingly fast, I create each piece of jewelry by hand, slowly, with a meditative attitude.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry collection as much as I enjoyed designing and crafting it for you!