About Love Rocks Bijoux

Our Mission:

Love Rocks Bijoux was created by a woman for women. Most women I know excel at taking care of those around them and need to be reminded to put on their own oxygen mask first. I created this company to provide women with a choice of affordable and beautiful jewelry to remind every woman to pamper herself. To take the time to put on that earring that matches your mood. Why? Because when you feel more beautiful for yourself, when you take care of yourself, then you can go out there, and do what you do best. Whatever that may be. Our mission at Love Rocks Bijoux is to celebrate women and treat every customer with utmost kindness.

Why Gemstone Jewelry?

Gemstones coalesced over millennia in the earth’s floors. I take the gemstones and turn them into pieces you can wear. When you wear gem it is like wearing the beauty and the energy of the earth on you. Isn’t that kind of poetic? I view every piece of creation as  a gift from the planet (stunning gemstones) and a little bit of me (my time and creativity) that I offer to you. I hope you enjoy my collection.